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Project 1: Website as ?

“My favorite aspect of websites is their duality: they’re both subject and object at once. In other words, a website creator becomes both author and architect simultaneously. There are endless possibilities as to what a website could be. What kind of room is a website? Or is a website more like a house? A boat? A cloud? A garden? A puddle? Whatever it is, there’s potential for a self-reflexive feedback loop: when you put energy into a website, in turn the website helps form your own identity.” – Laurel Schwulst


Choose an original text and consider your relationship to it. What typographic form can manifest this relationship? Imagine a metaphor for this site: website as _____?

Markup and style the text as a website consisting of at least 5 pages / sections. The text you use should be written by you, but it can be any format. It could be a single longer text broken up into 5 or more components, or a compilation of disparate texts.

Play with how the type relates to each other, through scale, texture, positioning, color. What kind of readership do you want to encourage for this site? Typography (live text) should be the primary design elements.

Possible writing forms:

Week 1

Week 2

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