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Project 4: Editorial

The next phase is our final project — the goal is to engage in editorial design on the web, developing a collection of texts as as a publication. Below are several directions on how you might go about doing this.

General requirements:

a) Web Publication / Anthology

Consider a current area of research. Collect at least 12 full-length articles around this topic. Use the website as a way to organize a large amount of content.

b) Open Letters

Consider your website as an outlet to the world around you. Create website as a way to document your day-to-day experience admist the current pandemic crisis. What images did you see? What articles did you read? What’s been on your mind? What questions do you have?

Use this project to write HTML as a daily practice: the length of each post might range from just a few sentences to a full-length essay, but there should be at least one entry every day.

As your content grows, develop the design and framework that contains all of your documentation. How does your website evolve over time?

Adapted from Fisher: Isolation Diary.

c) Propose your own project

Option C is more like an independent study, in which you will develop your own plan and scope of your new website. You must craft a detailed proposal, including a timeline that outlines a schedule of deliverables for each week.

Some examples of independent projects might be:


Week 1: Planning

Week 2: Develop site prototype

Week 3: Add interactivity, CSS illustrations

Week 4: Develop into responsive platform

Week 5: Refine